LedBeat where Smart Rock Lives!

You know, life changes, people come and go but the Beat is always there. We were kids when we found the music. The Fab Four, Bobby D, CSNY, Zeppelin, and on and on. Growing up we always had that in common the music the Beat. I can’t remember which one of us had the first guitar, but I remember one of us shoplifted a Sabbath album from the local 7-11. We grew up jamming together, writing songs together, playing the wrong notes together, all to find our own sound our own Beat. We got responsible together, jobs, houses, wife’s, kids, and now grand kids. The music the Beat was always the constant. Decades latter we’re back together playing for people who also love the music, playing for the same friends that we grew up with, opening gigs for Pros like, The Motels, Missing Persons, Mike Schenker, Quit Riot, and Pat Travers. Always having a burst along the way.

Welcome to LedBeat childhood friends that have been playing and writing music since our very early teens. With over 200 original compositions that we will be producing and releasing for all to hear and experience.

We’re here to prove that it’s never too late to rock, the reason is the love of making music, the passion, the reward, the reason is the Beat……… LedBeat!

Rock forever,


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